How Good is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website refers to the website which is particularly designed for small handheld devices, smartphones. Since the advancement of mobile phone technology, the demand for a mobile website has grown manifold. As more people are accessing the internet from their hand held devices like smartphones, tablets etc; there is a more focus on making websites particularly for mobile phones. These type of websites are not only easy to design but cost effective as well and is being accessed by a good number of people.

Web Design Birmingham makes designs websites which are fully optimized to work perfectly on different models of mobile devices having different operating systems.

Mobile Websites have certain advantages over the traditional desktop only websites which have given them an edge over this traditional approach.

Here are some of the good things about having a mobile website: -

· Easy to Use: - The mobile websites are comparatively easy to use as all the information is readily available on your fingertips. The simplicity of the concept gives it an edge over the other platforms as it is read on small screens with no chance of any mess.

· Search Engine Optimized (SEO): - The mobile websites are search engine optimized as they are designed in the simplest form. For a particular query, almost all the search engines prioritize those websites which have a mobile friendly website as well. Websites which do not have a mobile friendly platform are not ranked well by almost all search engines.

· Gives Competitive Advantage: - As most of the websites don’t focus on optimizing their websites to be accessed on mobile devices, you can have a competitive advantage by having one. This can help you in taking a lead in the search engine rankings giving you preference in the search results over your competitors.

· Enhances Customer Relationship: - The mobile websites have made it possible to access the information on fingertips at any time and at any place. This has also strengthened the relationship between a user and a web entity owner. Whatever the information is required; a user can just take out his hand phone and get what us required.

· Reduced Load Time: - A mobile website is generally lighter as the content is optimized to be used on a mobile device. This consumes lesser data and lets the website load faster.

Web Design Birmingham has been developing mobile friendly websites for some good years now and we have been keeping ourselves up to date with all the new technologies incorporated there in.